Advantages of Bi-Folding Doors, Composite Doors & Patio Doors

Advantages of Bi-Folding Doors, Composite Doors & Patio Doors

Front doors, back entrances, bi-folding doors and also outdoor patio doors– whatever it is you are looking for – Fulham Glass are here to help.   Compound front doors and back entrances are offered for elegant entry and egress while our bi-folding and also patio doors offer property owners sensible accessibility to yard area with a variety of added end-user benefits.

We will take a look at bi-folding doors, composite doors as well as patio doors in detail so that you can completely understand their advantages.

Bi-Folding Doors

Designers and homeowners are making bigger investments into bi-folding doors than ever before.  The Space-Saving qualities of bi-folding doors provide sufficient appeal to choose them ahead of patio doors.

  • Bi-folding doors have slim, strong profiles which improve visibility and light penetration while being less conspicuous than traditional French or patio doors
  • Unlike older timber doors, bi-folding doors require very little weekly, monthly or annual maintenance. A wash and maybe a spot of oil is all that’s needed
  • Innovative stacking systems make it easier for homeowners to move freely into the garden or into adjoining rooms if their property has an interior installation
  • Strong glass panes, advanced locking mechanisms and a track-free profile with anti-lift capabilities make bi-folding doors safe, secure and difficult to breach
  • Property owners benefit from modern and sleek styling. This makes bi-folding doors particularly suitable for new homes or those with contemporary design
  • On the subject of design, bi-folding doors integrate seamlessly to form a natural extension between your room space and your garden space

Patio Doors

We have been around long enough to recognise that different people will certainly have extremely different layout ideas. This is especially real of prospective customers who might be choosing between bi-folding doors and patio doors. Opt for sliding instead of swinging patio doors for your home and you’ll receive instant space-saving benefits which leave you with more interior room

  • If you own a home with naturally-subdued room space, patio doors with large glass panes will flood your property with natural light
  • Children and pets can be left to play safely or roam free in the garden while you carry on with your daily chores and watch them through your patio doors
  • Stylise your home with patio doors in a choice of uPVC, aluminium or timber. Some patio doors are built of eco-friendly materials which means they can be recycled at the end of their natural working life

Composite Doors

Front doors as well as back doors do not have to be selected from a minimal item variety. Select composite doors and also your residential property will instantly benefit from a variety of crucial features. While more conventional front doors and also back entrances are available, we recommend composite doors for home owners that respect style, strength as well as safety and security equally.

  • Composite front doors and back doors have a strong internal frame manufactured from the industry’s most resilient uPVC materials
  • Our composite doors can have additional reinforcement to work alongside the internal uPVC frame which is manufactured using steel. This keeps doors straight.
  • Homeowners can have front doors and back doors with an eco-friendly, CFC-free polyurethane foam lining which provides excellent insulation
  • Composite front doors and back doors take advantage of glass reinforced plastic finishes which are highly resistant to damage, scratching and weathering.
  • All front doors and back doors can be fitted at homes with glass panes which can be individually replaced in the event of damage.
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