The Fulham gastropub that’s the only one in London to have a Michelin star

Being a successful pub landlord in London is no easy task. You have an enormous amount of competition, with each one striving to find a niche that helps them stand out from the crowd.For one pub in Fulham, they have found the key to this – and they are thriving.Located on Walham Grove in the heart of Fulham.The Harwood Arms is the only gastropub in the city to have been awarded a Michelin star.

The pub was a joint venture between chef Sally Abé, Brett Graham, Mike Robinson and Edwin Vaux after they had a desire to bring the countryside to London.Head Chef Sally said: “We’re very lucky that the pub has always been successful – the local community welcomed the pub with open arms and have been regulars for years.

The Churchill Arms in Kensington has been recognised by the Chelsea Flower Show for their amazing floral display.The breathtaking Kensington pub that spends over £26,000 a year on its flower display.“We’ve worked so hard for a very long time to get to where we are, so to get recognition as the number one gastropub in the UK is amazing.”With locally sourced, sustainable dishes on the menu that are also a nod to traditional British pub grub, it’s no wonder the pub has proved popular.However, the Harwood Arms’ success is not a reflection on others in the area.

Nearly 40 pubs in Fulham have closed in recent years, largely due to not making enough money and having to pay a high rate in tax.£1 in every £3 spent at each pub goes to the taxman which is a total of nearly £140,000 a year.The pub industry contributes nearly £23bn to the UK economy each year and provides over 900,000 jobs.

Around 14 pubs close every week in the UK, but gastropubs seem to buck this trend.Katie Wiles, senior communications manager for the Campaign for Real Ale said: “Pubs are important to our society. We recently did some work with the University of Oxford where people said they feel happier in the area they live if there is a local pub.“Roughly, around 14 pubs a week close in the UK and since the 1970’s over a quarter of all pubs have closed.“The UK has the highest rate of beer tax which is why so many pubs are struggling to stay open.

“Gastropubs seem to be doing really well. The fact that they have unique ideas, smaller spaces and a smaller amount of staff means they are thriving. It always helps if the owner has a name or status and already has experience in the area.”For the Harwood Arms, the rise of the gastropub can only mean one thing – success.“I’d say there’s been a big rise in gastropubs in the last decade or so, and that’s a wonderful thing,” Sally added. “I think there will always be a place for traditional pubs that focus on good quality drinks because that’s part of the fabric of our history, but dining preferences have changed so much that now I think there will always be a desire for gastropubs.”

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